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The IT Consulting Process

IT Consulting can be an extremely complex process from the consultant's point of view. However, it is our responsibility to break everything down into "plain English" so our clients can understand everything taking place.

The technical team at Startech understands the intricate details of network design, project planning, and software and hardware implementation. At the same time, most of our clients are simply interested in results. So our highly skilled team of IT Consultants in Calgary will give you the simplest, clearest explanation possible to help you make excellent decisions for your network.

By breaking the IT Consulting down into smaller, easier to understand components, it's much easier for people to make the proper decisions for their business.

Here is an example of how the process would flow– from beginning to end:

Fact Finding

You'll find that the consulting process, in its initial stages, involves a lot of questions. Your consultant will want to understand your technical needs, inside and out, so they will present you with a lot of questions about your business, growth plans, future network development and more. By fully understanding the details and scope of your technical needs, the entire consulting process is more likely to meet your expectations.

Design Strategy

Once our consultants have all of the necessary information, they'll work on implementing a custom design strategy to meet your organization's needs. Think of this custom design as a blueprint for your company's IT project success. From applications to network architecture and design, this phase of the consulting process is about putting your project into action.

Planning for Long Term Success

The final phase of our consulting process will involve ongoing maintenance and planning for the future. As you know, technological needs grow and evolve over time. Many consulting firms fail to put planning for future changes and implementations into their consulting process. At Startech we make sure that every consulting project includes solid planning for the future of your organization's technical needs.

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