Social Engineering

Criminals are no longer hacking your firewalls and antivirus, they’re hacking your employees. Social Engineering is the art of manipulating people to provide confidential information and access that wouldn’t normally be given to a complete stranger. Often criminals will seek to acquire things like banking info, passwords to ecommerce sites, or access to your computer
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CASE STUDY: Redline Industrial Ltd, Are your IT costs unpredictable?

When Redline Industrial heard about Startech Business Systems they had been handling everything related to their IT infrastructure internally. With a background in technology, the owner and general manager of Redline Industrial, Dallas Vandenhurk, did what they could to make everything work to the best of their ability. Eventually, the need for reliable and secure
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Understanding Server Virtualization and beyond for SME’s

I have had the great life experience and benefit of being part of the greatest growth in the information technology world. I participated and actively took part in the process of computerizing thousands of businesses with solid IT solutions, from Canada to Siberia, from Cyprus to Moscow. Our products and services have reached an vast
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